Amidst the corona madness, our society has accepted to do events that are intimate and special; something M wanted from the very start.

We have always been a huge fan of bas 4 mard unki taraf se aur 4 mard hamari taraf se nikkah parwa kar bas tata bye bye type events and when it was M’s engagement we initially did decide to do that but ‘wo baraz ho jayeyga, wo naraz ho jayeygi’ thing came in between and well, our very nicely planned intimate ceremony changed to a 100 guest event.

For M’s event, I honestly didn’t know what I’d wear. I had my heart set on one of Umer Sohail’s dress but when it came, I was disappointed but khair that’s another story and another blog that we’ll tell you guys some other day.

Mohsin Naveed Ranjha is a design house based in Lahore. Their designs seem so beautifully regal on instagram and they do such a great job when it comes to their instagram campaign. Every season they would launch a new formal, I would tell M how we should get these dresses for Eid or some other xyz’s wedding.

MNR had launched ‘Nizampur Ki Raaniyaan’ near Eid-ul-Fitr and I had my heart set on one of their mustard peshwas.

I messaged their whatsapp number and waited 2 weeks cause I wanted to see more options and when I couldn’t, I placed the order.

How It Went Down With MNR

The customer dealing initially went well. They made a group where I and their team members were added. They were a group of 5-6 people.

I confirmed my measurements with them on April 13th and they told me that they’ll proceed with the order and on May 6th I was received pictures of my dress with the text : ‘Your outfit is ready and it looks amazing🤩🤩🤩Kindly confirm the measurements and also please share shipping address.’

When I went through the pictures I noticed that they haven’t made the suit ‘as sample’. I could not see the low back that the model wore in pictures and the length I had given them was 58+2 inches for heels and they made a suit with the length 57.

At the studio
The back
The sample

I immediately sent a message to the group that this is not what I mentioned in my order and to please fix it asap to which they replied that they’ll look into it, meanwhile I should pay the remaining amount. 

I asked them if I could pay them once the changes are done cause my sixth sense was telling me they’ll mess up my suit and then deny in the end but they refused and said, ‘Kindly payoff your remaining balance so things can be ship on time.’

On May 11th I asked an update about the dress but I was left on seen.

May 13th 7:30 pm I left them a ‘?’ and around 11:01 I get a reply from one of their representatives Nadia telling me that my outfit is in alteration and hopefully it’ll be fixed in the same week and once it’s done, they will update me. 

I say okay but I also tell them to make this before eid because that’s when I want to wear it and they said I’ll get it by then.

Hi @⁨Sah-i-man⁩ hope you good. This the standard length, we can’t extend it. Thank you for understanding.’

As a person that prefers longer length, this made me confused, how can they NOT increase the length? They’re a fashion house!

On May 19th they sent me the tracking number of the package and I got my package on the 22nd of May.

The Package 

When I opened the package, I was excited to try it on. The dress was really heavy but as soon as I tried the dress, I was so disappointed.

The shirt was either torn from the inside or they didn’t stitch it properly so the stitching had come out.

The trousers were so tight on me. I couldn’t bend my legs. It seemed like the churidar was made on someone small cause the length and width wasn’t matching my measurements.

I had sent messages to the group telling them about everything. I won’t lie, I was genuinely very angry. I did not pay this amount of money over a dress that was so poorly stitched and considering MNR has a reputation in making regal clothes, I just had to tell them to fix this in anyway possible.

Nadia apologised and said I can send back the suit whenever, they’ll see what’s the problem And try to fix it but Eid was just a day after and I had no idea what to do so I called our family tailor ‘Uncle Bashir’ and told him the scenario.

When I showed him the suit, he checked and even he said that he can add a few fabric in the trouser so I can at least bend my legs but nothing can be done to the shirt. By night I packed the suit and put it away and wallowed in my sadness.

26th June

I decided to send the dress back to the design studio. I left multiple messages in the group, telling them about my concerns and Nadia was the ONLY one who was responding to me. Others were just leaving my messages on seen.

From 3rd July their every reply seemed automated. Whenever I’d ask about my dress’s status, I was either left on seen or given an automated reply.

One time I got so frustrated that I started messaging their instagram page because the group on whatsapp wasn’t replying to me. I noticed as soon as I would contact the instagram page, I would immediately get a reply on my whatsapp.

At times I was told i’d get a call but there was no call whatsoever. Nadia told me I’d get my dress before Eid Ul Azha and well? surprise surprise, no dress on Eid Ul Azha too!

Fast Forward

On 12th September I finally got my dress. This time the fit was perfect and the dress seemed to be in a better condition as compared to the dress they had sent me previously.

Nadia told me that she discussed my concerns with MNR and they’ve reached to the conclusion that they’d give me 20% off on this dress for all the troubles but it’s November now and I haven’t received any refund.

Final Look:


Dress by Mohsin Naveed Ranjha

Jewelry by Wazhma Awan

Would I ever try MNR ever again?

Possibly not.

Do I recommend this designers work to you guys?

Well I guess it’s your call. If you think you can handle the late replies and being left on seen then go for it.

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