I never dealt with acne in my puberty but when I hit 18, my acne started coming. It started with my cheeks then to my chin. I didn’t let it get to my head but I’ve always been a fan of home remedies so I would always make a paste and put it on my face. Sometimes they would help but sometimes they would go really really bad.

Not until my first year in university, I noticed I’m getting way too many flareups. Never understood why. They weren’t cysts but small red dots that would later be filled with pus. (which I now know are known as pustules). I went to a dermatologist who prescribed me many topical creams and some antibiotics which didn’t help at all. I would get more acne every month but that’s another story. (Let me know if you guys want to know my experience with Isotretinoin.)

I love skincare products and one day I saw an ad of ‘Poof Acne Scars.’ It’s a company that makes derma-rollers. I remember Huda Beauty once did a night-care routine in which she raved about one of the derma-rollers she used so I instantly went to their website to get my hands on one of their dermarollers.

So they have a 0.5mm and 1mm derma-roller. Since this was my first time, I went for the 0.5mm, just to check how it is. With it, I ordered one of their very own Vit C serum which was highly recommended after dermarolling. Once I placed the order, I waited.

During my time waiting for my package, I messaged Poof Acne Scars instagram page asking about my package since it’s corona and we have a lockdown, I thought maybe it’ll be delayed but I was assured I’ll get it soon.

I got the package in 4-5 days, as they promised. The packaging was super cute and very efficient.

Day 1

I washed my face with nothing but pear soap. My skin had a lot blemishes and hyperpigmentations. I began rolling it on my skin.

It felt uncomfortable and I could see my skin getting red as soon as I used the roller. I did my research and the redness is actually a reaction your skin is having to call the collagen cells to initiate the rejuvenating process on the skin.

There was a little stinging feeling after I applied the Vit C serum but I really like how it doesn’t feel tacky and it evaporated in a minute or two but that night I couldn’t sleep properly. I was paranoid because I thought maybe the bacteria would get into my pierced skin and my acne would get more worse.

The Next Morning:

My skin definitely felt plump and brighter.

Day 2:

I had hormonal acne flareup on my forehead so I was trying to be very careful while using the poofer (roller) because the product came with a disclaimer: NOT to use on ACTIVE acne but I accidentally did roll on my acne (oops) and I could see my acne was open, no pus or blood just a small cavity could be skin.

Next Morning:

Apart from my skin feeling brighter and plumper, the swelling of my acne had come down but there was still a little redness.

Day 3:

My skin seems much much better now. The scars seem less. No acne and I’m one week away from getting my period. I noticed that my previous scars do seem to have lightened. I’ve started to use the dermaroller on my lips and that leaves them more plump so BONUS!

Day 4:

I can clearly see my dark spots have gotten extremely light, almost as if they’re gone. Skin is very glowy and very bright.

Day 5:

Midway of my period and I can feel my skin getting angrier. This time I can only see the start of the acne bump and nothing else so I plan on using the roller on the completely new acne bump to see how the results would be.

After 2 days:

Period is over and now I’ve gotten the post menstrual acne. I got 2-3 news bumps on my cheeks, which is fine as compared to the acne I had before using these products. The fresh bump I rolled on became calm and went down.

Day 6:

So I just got done with the rolling and this is the last rolling I’ll be documenting. As expected, rolling the previous time had controlled much of my acne swelling and now I’m left with the red scars. Being fair, acne redness is much worse and stays the longest and yet somehow remains.

Next Morning:

Brighter. Plumper. Alhamdulilah.

Final Thoughts:

I L O V E D THIS PRODUCT and especially the serum. They both worked like magic on my skin, even though they can’t control my hormonal acne which is majorly an issue from the insides, this definitely does help with the scars they leave behind.

Their customer service is AMAZING. They helped me a lot! My every query was answered in seconds.

They told me to discard the roller after 10 uses which I’m keen to do and order the 1mm this time with the Vit C serum again. Their website has a really good deal on it so I better get my hands on them ASAP!

Do I recommend it?


Would I buy it again?



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